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USA breaks the contract basis for armament limitation

US President D.Trump offered Russia and China to eliminate nuclear weapons. RISS expert Vladimir Evseev noted that such an idea of "global zero" is not new and was previously supported by former US President B.Obama. "This idea is very attractive for Washington. US has the greatest potential of conventional weapons. So, if all the countries eliminate their nuclear weapons, it is clear who will be the world leader," the analyst explained.

USA may provoke a new Cuban missile crisis

After the USA declared a moratorium on the implementation of the INF Treaty, this agreement became invalid. According to RISS expert Sergey Ermakov, the main question now is what to expect in the near future. The US has been preparing to exit INF Treaty years ago. Washington has attempted to accuse Russia of breaking the Treaty. At the same time, Americans themselves failed to comply with the provisions of this agreement. In particular, they placed universal missile launchers, shock wave and target missiles in Europe. "The crucial problem is that both Trump Administration and the US military and political establishment are absolutely not interested in maintaining the old system of agreements and treaties in the field of arms control and disarmament," the analyst said.

Major NATO exercises to launch in Norway

The "Trident Juncture-2018", which will be held on October 25, is the largest NATO exercise since the end of the Cold War, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov pointed out. NATO annually carries out more than 250 military exercises, including serious fire maneuvers of the armed forces. The Alliance is planning to deploy 50 thousand soldiers, 250 aircraft, and 65 vessels from more than 30 nations during its exercises. The political scientist noted that this time the reason of military exercises was changed. "The military actually recognize that they will work out measures to counter Russia. As NATO generals say, they are simulating a counterattack against Russia in order to protect Norway."

US unleashing a new arms race

Washington doesn't have a strategy yet on how to get out of the arms control crisis. From this point of view, John Bolton came to Moscow empty-handed, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov commented on the possible US withdrawal from the INF Treaty. "We are witnessing a specific "cowboy" approach, when first everything is destroyed and only then they are trying to build something new again," the analyst said.

The Korean Peninsula: Dialogue Without Preconditions

Andrey None Gubin

Tougher sanctions against North Korea are useless

Russian army to get new motorized squads of high-speed saboteurs

New motorized rifle squads will be able to carry out high-speed raids for hundreds of kilometers, and to perform lightning-like strikes behind enemy lines.

Russian expert's view on North Korea's nuclear weapons and deployment of THAAD

For many years now North Korea has been relentlessly trying to perfect its nuclear program by conducting four nuclear tests and developing ballistic missiles that could be topped with nuclear warheads.

The US missile defense shield: striving for absolute leadership

On Monday (June, 6) the USS Porter (DDG-78), a guided-missile destroyer has entered the Black Sea. The USS Porter is a part of the US missile defense "shield" as it is equipped with Standard Missile interceptors. It is expected that the USS Porter will visit Odessa.

Role of Russia in forging Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind

The idea of hammering out the Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind or CCDM concept is being positively regarded in Russia, Vladimir Kozin said in his remarks on Beijing Forum-Islamabad on May 26. He said, such approach rests on an understanding that the key principles of this goal fully correspond with Moscow’s national perceptions and views.

Forging the Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind: role of Russia

And some arms control issues from Russian perspective