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The West tests the Olympic calm of Russia

The intention of the West to exert influence on Russia after a ban on Russians competing under their own flag at the Olympic Winter games in Pyeongchang is not too reasonable. “Such actions will change neither the policy of Russia, no public mood”, RISS expert Sergey Mikhaylov said.

Analysts: Full resetting of Russia-West relations hardly possible in near future

Tensions in Russian-Western relations in the face of a common enemy — the terrorist organization calling itself the Islamic State — seem to be easing, but one can hardly say there has been or will be a considerable warming, let alone resetting or return to the pre-Ukrainian level in the foreseeable future, Russian analysts believe.

Russia and the West – how to find a window of opportunity for cooperation

«Russia and the West – what's next?» – this is the theme of the recent expert discussion platform «Open tribune» in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The discussion was attended by the advisor to RISS Director E. Suponina.

The 5 Messages That Moscow Conveyed Through Its Caspian Cruise Missile Strike

Russia shook Western military expectations

Should Kazakhstan Be in the WTO?

Maksim Likhachev

West uses WTO negotiations with Kazakhstan to inhibit post-Soviet integration