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Images of Victory: the Memory of World War II as a Political Weapon

Tamara None Guzenkova

Why the West is trying to rewrite the history of the World War?

World War II in the historical memory of Caucasus nations

On September 3, Rostov-on-Don held a roundtable «World War II in Historical Memory of Caucasus Nations» dedicated to the role of the most disastrous war in the history of Russia and the whole world in public, political and cultural conscience of the North Caucasus nations. The event was arranged to coincide with the 70-th anniversary of the end f the Great Patriotic and the Second World War.

The Second Patriotic War should take its place alongside other glorious events in Russian history

On 15 May 2014 RISS hosted "The Great War: Reviving Memory", an international scientific conference forming part of a 4-year project launched by RISS to mark the centenary of the Second Patriotic War (1914-1917).