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Joint efforts help to successfully overcome crisis situations

Mikhail None Belyaev

It is still too early to bury globalization

WTO prevents USA from trade wars

WTO Appellate Body (AB) prepares for reduced slate of judges by December 10. In this regard, the early termination of the functions of this arbitration court is now actively discussed as disputes will be decided by only one judge. The reason for such a crisis is that the USA prevents the appointment of new judges, RISS expert Vyacheslav Kholodkov considers.

Washington strikes a blow to global trade

The US government introduces tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from key allies starting from June 1 (earlier there were benefits for some allies). “This is an act of full-scale trade war, which will have a very negative impact not only on the US economy, but also on the world economy,” RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko pointed out.

Should Kazakhstan Be in the WTO?

Maksim Likhachev

West uses WTO negotiations with Kazakhstan to inhibit post-Soviet integration